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Omp ks-1 pro: the first rib protector in the world to get fia 8870-2018 homologation0%


The Italian factory presents a new product, the very first to be in compliance with the new FIA regulation, which will be in force from 2021.

Its name is KS-1 PRO. It’s the new rib protector for kart racing by OMP. It’s the first product in of its kind to get the FIA 8870-2018 homologation, which the International Federation decided to introduce from 2021 (starting just from international races) to regulate this accessory and increase the kart drivers’ safety. This new product is totally different from the old rib protectors, both in shape and vestibility, but still guaranteeing maximum driving comfort.

Crash test-proof polycarbonate
KS-1 PRO is entirely in polycarbonate, a “noble” polymer which combines high resistance with a decidedly low weight, so low that it’s used also to make F1 helmets’ visors.
Polycarbonate has a lot of smart features: it’s resistant to hydrocarbon, aging and yellowing. The internal coating in shock absorbing foam is 5 mm thick. It has the task of absorbing and dissipating the force generated by an impact, saving the driver’s body.

The external shell, whose task is to protect from impact, is divided in 4 sections: a back portion, a front portion and two lateral bulkheads: all of them have passed the strict crash tests requested by FIA, where impacts are up to 100 Joule.

An innovative “compass” system
Designing the KS-1 PRO was a challenge for OMP technicians. Vestibility is crucial for the drivers’ comfort, and the rigid construction of the shell could easily be a problem. To keep comfort inalterate, OMP’s R&D department has developed an innovative regulation system imitating the mechanics of a compass. For this system, a patent request is currently pending. A sort of “rail” has been put in the lateral portions, so that the bulkheads can adapt to any shape of chest, saving comfort.

Comfortable vestibility
The shape of the new KS-1 PRO guarantees total chest protection, being closed on the front. The bib is fixed on a side, so that it can’t disengage from the corset, and a small portion of it (on both sides) overlaps with the side portions. OMP developed a peculiar solution for the closure, allowing the mantainance of symmetry of the front and the side portions. A quick locking system, moreover, makes dressing and regulation easier. The couple of soft suspenders allows the regulation of the height, to avoid annoying tension on the shoulders.

Custom sizes
According to the new regulation, the new KS-1 PRO is available in several sizes, differing on the height of the lateral portion of the shell. The FIA, indeed, has established size intervals for this parameter, bound by the driver’s height. Therefore, a driver must pick his rib protector size on the basis of which height interval he falls in. In order to satisfy every need, OMP developed two different solutions for the rib protector’s curvature, one of which is wider than standard. This way, the M and L size are also available in “Wide” version, so that drivers can choose the solution that fits best with their chest.

But that’s not all: to furtherly increase vestibility, OMP technicians introduced two padding solutions. one by 5 mm (standard), one by 10 mm (optional). Both are applied inside the protector with a velcro.

Size Driver’s Height Sides height (FIA mandatory) Suggested chest circumference
S < 152 cm 12,5 cm 63-71 cm
M 152-170 cm 14.5 cm 69.5-80 cm
M "Wide" 152-170 cm 14.5 cm 79.5-90 cm
L 170-188 cm 15.5 cm 77-90 cm
L "Wide" 170-188 cm 15.5 cm 87-100 cm
XL > 188 cm 16.5 cm 90-105 cm
XL "Wide" > 188 cm 16.5 cm 105-120 cm